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Work, but don't forget to LIVE

Work, but don't forget to LIVE

Hi everyone,
I found the picture that is the icon for this blog post on pinterest (via Ana Hard on instagram) and it ignited something in me that I wanted to chat about via the blog. 

Work, but don’t forget to LIVE

Sounds easy in theory right?

I think a lot of us think we are doing this, but when you stop and look at your life, are you really living?
There is so much pressure on millenials to be ‘girl bosses’ and ‘make something of ourselves’ that we get so caught up in trying to get further in the workforce that we are actually not fully living or investing in our own lives.

Now, yes. Some people are more career driven than others and that is totally fine and dandy but don’t forget in all that hustling to also do the simple things that make everything a bit sweeter.

Have a wine with your friends and catch up on what’s going on in their lives (there is nothing better than getting slightly wine drunk with a great gal pal)
Go out on a Saturday night, throw all your inhibitions on the dance floor, and boogie until your feet won’t carry you home.
Read, to educate yourself or just freaking because, there is nothing wrong with reading soppy, romantic comedies or re-reading Twilight for the upteenth time if you want to (it doesnt make you less educated I promise).
Laugh until your stomach aches, you can’t breathe and your flapping your hands about like a lunatic over something that really isn’t that funny.

I just think it is important for millenials (and to be quite honest anyone) to think about whether they are living to work, or working to live.
Of course we absolutely need to be sensible with this, I ain’t about to tell you to drop everything and go on a trip to Europe that you cant afford and think that counts as living.
I just mean all the little things, the things that fill your cup and set your soul on fire in everyday life. It means getting home and not worrying about work, or what’s going to happen the next day. It’s about using work as a tool to live a better life, not have it be your whole life.

The reason I write about this, is because I have been thinking about this a lot in the last few years.
I have spent a lot of my non work hours worrying about the next day, or the day that has just been or even the next week that I have forgotten to read, write, be creative, go out with friends, dance, sing, laugh and I think that is sad, and maybe a lot of people are in the same boat.
I have a whole lifetime to work ahead of me, but only so much of my twenties (which everyone says are supposed to be for experiementing, learning, finding yourself, and becoming who you are) left.
Why am I spending my twenties worrying about work?
Sometimes when I think too hard about it, I think that I don’t know myself without work. I don’t know what I enjoy doing outside of work, I don’t know what I enjoy talking or learning about, I feel like work is a description of my personality.
Instead of saying I work as a beauty therapist, I say I am a beauty therapist. (I would love to hear from you if you relate.)

Spend your twenties educating yourself on what you love, take that job that you feel is right for you in your soul even if its scary to leave your comfy job, travel around Europe, write a book, save up and buy that house, have a baby, start a blog. Just make sure you are living, truly living.

Bills are always going to be there and you are always going to have to pay them, but don’t let it take over your life in such a way that when you are old and grey you think about how much time you spent at work and worrying about work, that you could’ve spent living.

Work to live, don’t live to work

Thanks so much for reading,
Let me know yout thoughts down below or via instagram @notjustaprettyfaceblog
Until next time,

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