My name is Hayley, in this wee corner of the internet I’m excited to talk about more than just beauty, which is where the name Not Just a Pretty Face came from.

I hope you find some inspiration within the pages of this blog, and realise you are also not just a pretty face, you can do anything you want to do.

"How Wonderfully You Have Grown Since August Last Year"

"How Wonderfully You Have Grown Since August Last Year"

Hi everyone,
It’s time for another babbling think piece! Woohoo!
I was scrolling through instagram (as per usual) and scrolled past this post by Morgan Harper Nicholls that just said “How wonderfully you have grown since August last year” and it got me thinking about my life this time last year and how much I really have grown since August last year.

When we look back week-to-week or month-to-month we don’t think anything has changed, we feel like the same person, we seemingly act like the same person and we have the same thoughts we have always had about ourselves, but what if you looked back a year ago? Would that ring true? For me, it definitely doesn’t.
I have grown in ways I never thought I would over the past year, I’ve had experiences that have shaped the rest of the year, or even the rest of my life.
I think it is so important than we often look back on our lives and notice all the ways we have grown.. it shows us how strong, capable and successful we are - even if the year seems to be full of fails.

This time last year:

Tavelling - This time last year I was getting ready to travel around Europe for a month. This was my first ever overseas trip (considering I had never even been to Australia or the Islands before this was huge)
I was scared out of my mind, travelling was always something I had always wanted to do but seemed like something that only happened to the people around me. When me and my boyfriend finally bit the bullet and booked the trip I didnt know whether to be ecstatic or terrified.
I didnt know who I was going to meet, what I was going to do, I have no sense of direction so I was terrified of getting lost, using public trtansport, being on a plane for long periods of time, not knowing languages, having to make new friends, try new experiences and camping in foreign cities
It was such an overwhelming but rewarding experience and I have most definitely caught the travel bug, and ready to spread my wings even further and for longer!

What I learnt:
I learnt to trust my instincts. Having never been in a plane for more than an hour and a half, having never left the country - not even across the ditch or to the islands - this was one big scary leap of faith. But I learnt so much about myself along the way. I learnt how to overcome fear and anxiety and how not to listen to all of those yucky gut feelings you get that everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong (something I have taken into everyday life.) I learnt patience (or at least tried really hard), with other people, with myself, with public transport, with the unknown.
I learnt that exploring really does set my soul on fire, and I need to do as much of it as possible as long as I live.
I made fantastic friends along the way, and learnt how to keep my frustrations within myself and not take it out on the people on the trip just because I was wet and cold and had no clothes to wear (LOL)
I gained so much knowledge of the world around me and how the other half lives and it has definitely made my need to live in a foreign country for at least two years even stronger than it already was.
Most of all, it taught me compassion - for the world, for the people around me, for myself, and that I am most definitely stronger than my mind will lead me to believe and every day is a new challenge and to tackle it head on.

Moving out of home:

August last year was a huge month for me (and my boyfriend) we moved into a flat together - just one month before we were about to jet off to Europe for a month on our first ever overseas trip - Although we had been together for 3 years previously, moving in together still seemed like big deal. We had been to-ing and fro-ing from each others houses and taking quick get-aways with just the two of us in the weekends, but moving out of home with your significant other teaches you a lot about yourself and your partner.
Having a relationship where you are given the chance to “miss” the other person keeps the spark alive, (although there is something hugely comforting to come home to him after long day)

What I learnt:

We had to learn to be vulnerable, open and raw with each other, as well as continue to keep putting the effort with each other when the “honeymoon phase” of moving in together was over.
Being able to speak your mind on matters important to you, without blaming, hurting or offending the other person is an art, and something you come up against a lot when you are both used to having space and doing your own thing, but through lots of talking and arguing (lets be real) coming to a conclusion and hugging it out is still the best feeling.
Making a life together is so much fun, we get to try out new things, watch TV shows together and learn even more about each other than we thought possible.
Coming home to your favourite person in the world every night - whether its been a bad or a rocking day - is something I’ll never take for granted and it has taught me so much about love, myself and what I want out of my life.

As much as I love beauty therapy and being a beauty/skin therapist and I feel as though it was where I am meant to be, it didn’t come without it’s challenges.
I have always had pefectionist tendencies and this increased coming into a job where a wrong move could lead to a burn, injury or infection.
Being so passionate about my job, and wanting to do everything to the highest degree meant that I spent a lot of time stressing over things I didn’t need to stress about - complaints, doing a treatment wrong, not knowing enough, not being fast enough, thorough enough and all the other not enoughs that come with being a perfectionist. This effected my mental well-being, clients felt my stressed out vibe and in turn didnt get the relaxing and perfect treatment I so desperately wanted to give them, I wasn’t smashing the goals I wanted to and felt left behind and

What I learnt:
I learnt how to really manage my mind - although this new job is challenging that all over again - it helped to remember that worrying only makes you suffer twice, and there is nothing you can do about the supposed problem until the time it officially comes to your attention (this is still something I have to remind myself daily but something I have gotten way better at since August last year).
I have truly started thriving in my career, I can do treatments with confidence, have to knowledge behind me to get the best possible results for my clients and have started trusting myself, and showing up for myself in my workplace - which has not only helped me, but helped the girls I work with and my clients.

Crazily enough, I actually have stats to show how much I have changed and grown since this time last year, and seeing that from a business coach in black and white really helped cement the fact that trusting myself and going all in is so beneficial as scary as it is.
AND as many of you know I even got into the finals for NZ Most Promising Therapist! Little ol me! 1 out of 3 in NZ! I am so incredibly proud of the girl I have become and the girl I will continue to grow into career wise and life wise.

I hope this wee quote allows you to reflect on the past 12 months and see how far you’ve come - yes you might find that you feel like you still have a long way to go, but you are closer than you were this time last year. Take the time to really praise yourself for the small things, learning how to manage your mind, exercising more, rememebering to take your pills. Whatever it is, celebrate it! Let it carry you forward into the next 12 months with a senseof accomplishment, and a sense of doing whatever it takes to get shit done.

Lots of love,
Hayley x

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